8 comments on “Real Technique Brushes

  1. I just got some new brushes, one is foundation brush but somehow I just find that if the foundation is very heavy the brush is not making any justice at all, it’s better to blend it in with your fingers..

      • it’s not professional brush though, just from drugstore 😀 maybe that’s the reason? my foundation is also drugstore, maxfactor forever last

      • Drugstore brushes are ok, if you find some that work for you. I also use drugstore foundation, I like the L’Oreal True Match, Only Foundation I use. Elf Brushes are good, and very inexpensive, the flat top brush is good for foundation application. Or Check out Morphe Brushes, recently discovered them, ordered and I love what I got from them, all very inexpensive.

      • Thank you for the advise 🙂 I’ve herd Elf is good. I will keep in mind next time I do beauty shopping. I’ve tried to use sponge also with maybelline dream mousse, somehow my fingers again seems to do the job better :D, but everyone is saying that make up is better to apply with brushes or sponge..but the foundation brush did work better with the mousse than foundation 🙂

      • You’re welcome hope my advice is useful to you. The thing about brushes is that you really have to blend, so the time of application may be longer. I love my original beauty blender, and they work better when wet! Wet your sponge, wring it out, use it damp! 😊

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